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We have Standard (predesigned) websites to offer you. They are simple yet powerful to help you to take your place in the market.


website bouwen, betaalbaar


website bouwen, betaalbaar


website bouwen, betaalbaar



You can see they are a little bit different from each other, not only in language but also in the layout.
It is possible to combine the look from one homepage with the blog looking from the other one.
This is a website for ONLY €250 (excl.VAT) that is built on the power of WordPress and the Customizr theme.
With it, you will get the 5-menu items website with additional features that makes it a must have package.
Customizr theme has an awesome homepage design. The homepage has a full-width image slideshow that lets you add gigantic photos to immediately grab your visitors attention. The design is also very spacious because it uses the full width screen, so text is easy to read and makes smaller images fit great. Of course you can also choose to have a smaller slider size.
Responsive is a good feature to have. Customizr is a responsive theme, which means modern support for mobile devices. Responsive website? It means your website will always look great, doesnot matter it is seen in a computer screen or in a mobile device. It will scale itself down to show your most important information om smartphones and tablets.
Another important feature is your own blog. It is included in your package. You can create articles to show your customers why they should be working with you. Your articles will reveal your customers your expertise. If you wish you can allow comments from your visitors, keeping the conversation going on.
Your predesigned website comes with SEO tools. These tools can help increase your search ranking. This combined with your blog will help your website to get a fantastic start.
Customizr theme is compliant with today’s web standards. And uses technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 and also jQuery and Twitter Bootstrap.
So will be your Standard website. But if you need some more features we are here to help you in that way. Have a look to our demo for premium websites.
We install wordpress and the basic plugins at your webhost. We do not host you website. You need to get it from a host provider. We are affiliate to mijndomein. There you can get a webhosting starting on €39.00.

Basically, you get a fantastic website that is created according to your preferences. And for only € 250, excluding VAT.
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You can also pay in two installments, the second on completion of the website. You will pay 2 x € 135 excluding  VAT.
Buy Standaard website, in 2 installments

Need more options? For example, integration with social media, multiple languages? No problem, we do it for you. Look for it at our Premium website.

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